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Should you find an aggressive lawyer for your divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2021 | Family Law

A divorce is a financial, emotional and time investment. You will likely spend many hours working on legal paperwork, negotiations and court dates. You’ll have some emotional strain as you work through the end of your relationship. You’ll also have financial impacts that you see, whether they’re major or minor in the grand scheme of things, which can frustrate you and influence the way you live your life.

Many people believe that divorces have to be aggressive. They think that it’s their only option to pursue a trial and to fight for as much as they can get from their assets.

The truth is that a divorce doesn’t have to be so contentious. There are alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options that you may want to try, like arbitration, collaborative divorce or mediation, which could help you resolve your divorce-related issues without as much stress. Using ADR could minimize your expenses, reduce the emotional toll the divorce takes on you and positively influence the outcome.

Alternative dispute resolution isn’t for everyone

It’s true that alternative dispute resolution isn’t perfect for everyone. Some people may prefer to go to court because their spouse isn’t willing to negotiate or because there are factors such as substance abuse, domestic violence or others that influence the ways that the divorce and negotiations can be handled.

Should you find an aggressive lawyer to assist with your divorce?

Working with an attorney whose intention is to take your case to trial will cost more. Working with them may also result in lost time and emotional strain. Realistically, it’s more financially intelligent, and emotionally supportive, to work with an attorney who is able to help with alternative dispute resolution options.

That said, you do want to find an attorney who is happy to take the case to court if the alternative dispute resolution options you use don’t work out in the end. You need to have someone aggressive enough to know when ADR isn’t working and when to move forward by taking the case to trial to fight for your best interests.