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Is Alimony Expected In Your Divorce?

Alimony may be appropriate in your divorce if one of you has depended on the other financially throughout your marriage. However, the old-fashioned idea of long-term financial support has given way in today’s world when both women and men can earn a living. Talk to a divorce lawyer about whether you will likely pay or receive alimony (spousal support) or whether alimony is not appropriate.

If You Will Likely Pay Alimony

As the higher wage earner, you may be concerned about protecting your assets and maintaining the lifestyle you have been accustomed to. You may believe your spouse should be able to support herself or himself without relying on monthly payments from you. Your attorney can help you prepare compelling arguments designed to ensure that you pay no more than the law requires.

Representing Those In Need Of Spousal Support

As the financially dependent spouse, you are no doubt worried about how you will make it after you and your husband or wife are no longer in one household.

You may have supported him or her through professional education. You may have contributed substantial work in a family business. You may have assumed primary homemaking and child care responsibilities during your marriage. Your divorce lawyer can help you articulate the rationale for your need for spousal support and ensure that you receive as much as the financial circumstances and law allows.

At the same time, you should always look ahead. Alimony can plug holes for you short term, but long-term alimony is becoming less common except in circumstances involving long-term marriages. Consult with a financial planner to determine your financial needs post-divorce and a job trainer or a vocational counselor to determine how soon you can be financially independent.

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