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Advocacy In Support Of Your Parental Rights

Whatever family circumstances have brought you to the point of needing representation in a divorce involving children or a child custody and support case, James L. Weatherly Jr., Attorney at Law, is a valuable resource. I am family law attorney Jim Weatherly in Nashville. My years of experience have prepared me to guide you through this challenging, important matter.

Helping You Understand Your Options When It Comes To Your Children

You may be approaching divorce or already divorced. You may be an unmarried or divorced parent. You may be a grandparent caring for grandchildren. What you have in common with others in similar situations is you recognize the importance of maintaining and nurturing your parent-child relationship. Your case is unique and I am prepared to listen well and determine the best way of pursuing your child custody and parenting goals.

I will advise you on how child custody affects child support. I will help you determine how much child support you are likely to owe or receive, according to the Tennessee child support guidelines. If the other parent does not agree with your proposal for reasonable parenting time or the correct child support amount, I will advise you on ways to overcome these objections such as:

  • Negotiations
  • Mediation
  • Trial

Serving The Best Interests Of The Children

The overriding concern of family law judges in child custody and child support cases is the best interests of the child. This standard underpins all else. If I represent you as you pursue child custody or parenting time, modification of a court order because of a parental move-away or relocation, confirmation of child support obligations or child support enforcement, I will work to align your position with the best interests of your child.

I will collaborate with other skilled and experienced professionals such as child psychologists as necessary. I will make sure you understand how you can contribute to a favorable outcome in your case. For example, I will recommend that you keep records of your parental involvement in parent-teacher meetings, medical appointments, children’s activities and more.

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