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Preventing Domestic Violence Issues From Destroying Your Life

Accusations of domestic violence are not uncommon between spouses or domestic partners in conflict. It is common for tempers to flare as relationships deteriorate. Domestic quarrels can unexpectedly get physical or result in threats even between people who have never been violent. Unwanted phone calls, texts or visits to the spouse’s job site can result in criminal charges of harassment, stalking and the issuance of orders of protection.

Please keep in mind that accusations of domestic abuse can affect your divorce, especially when there are children. Domestic judges often decline to award custody or award less parenting time to a parent who has committed an act of domestic abuse or violence.

Even if your spouse has not obtained a restraining order or pressed charges yet, consult with an attorney right away if she or he claims you have been abusive. I am family law attorney Jim Weatherly, and I am available to advise you.

Experienced Attorney Representing Parties In Domestic Violence Cases

If you are the one who has been accused, this can become a critical issue in your family law case and in your way of life. You may lose access to your home and children when your spouse obtains a restraining order, an order of protection or a criminal warrant for domestic violence.

On the other hand, if you have been harmed, threatened, stalked or harassed by your spouse, you may need an order of protection. You do not have to live in fear or continue as a victim in an abusive relationship. An order of protection can offer immediate relief, which can be extended through the divorce court.

Helping You Put Your Life Back Together Again

As a family law attorney of many years, I, Jim Weatherly, am available to inform you of your rights and legal options, regardless of which side of the equation you are on. I want you to know your rights and take steps to protect them. No matter what domestic violence issue brought you to this web page, I invite you to contact James L. Weatherly Jr., Attorney at Law, to schedule a consultation to meet with an experienced lawyer practicing family law in Tennessee. Call 615-988-4939 to reach my Nashville office or email us.