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Resolving Your Family Law Issues Without Having To Go To Court

It is rare for spouses to agree 100 percent on all terms of a divorce. It is also uncommon for disagreements to be so serious that a trial is necessary. Many clients of James L. Weatherly Jr., Attorney at Law, seek a middle-ground approach. Mediation and other trial alternatives have helped many people conclude their divorce without unnecessary delays and expense.

You may disagree on any aspect of property division, alimony/spousal support, child custody or child support payments — enough so that you do not have an uncontested divorce. However, you may realize that a trial before a judge is likely to be lengthy, costly and emotionally hard on you and your family. Many Tennessee clients of this law firm have found mediation to be a viable and reasonable means for divorce resolution.

How The Mediation Process Works

In divorce mediation, the parties and their attorneys will meet with a neutral mediator, usually a lawyer experienced in divorce mediation. The parties and their counsel meet separately with the mediator, who serves as negotiator between the parties. A trained mediator is skilled at dealing with the emotions of a divorce action while focusing on resolution of the issues that have kept the parties from reaching a settlement.

Advantages of divorce mediation:

  • It is private.
  • It is conducted at times that are convenient to the participants.
  • It allows for careful consideration of each spouse’s priorities and positions.
  • It should take less time and cost less than a trial.
  • It can result in an agreement ready to present to the court.
  • It allows the parties to control the outcome by agreement rather than face the uncertainty of a trial.

Other Trial Alternatives

With more than 40 years of experience, I am familiar with all methods of reaching divorce settlements in Tennessee. Mediation is by far the most common and the most widely applicable as a trial alternative.

I welcome the opportunity to help you determine the most promising path forward for your Tennessee divorce. Contact me in Nashville at 615-988-4939 or send an email message to James L. Weatherly Jr., Attorney at Law, for a prompt response.