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Careful Resolution Of Complex Parental Relocation Issues

At James L. Weatherly Jr., Attorney at Law, in Nashville, the client’s objectives serve as a starting point in every family law case. It may be your child’s father or mother who wants to move with him or her out of town or out of state — and you object. I am attorney James L. Weatherly, and I can advise you on what compelling arguments may be made on your behalf to contest the relocation and your loss of parenting rights.

Modification Of Parenting Plans In Parental Relocation Matters

There are many legitimate reasons to seek permission from a family law judge to move away with your child or modify the parenting plan to accommodate a change such as:

  • A job loss or transfer
  • Military deployment
  • Pursuing higher education or training
  • Housing problems, perhaps brought about by foreclosure or a flood
  • Changes in the real estate market that have affected your financial viability
  • Remarriage
  • A move to be closer to a needed medical facility or a special opportunity such as participation in a particular sports team

If you are the primary custodial parent and you want to move with your child or children for a reason such as these, you may encounter legal resistance from the other parent. As your family law attorney, I can help you prepare a petition seeking modification of your parenting order that justifies your proposed move. You and the other parent may need to go through negotiations, mediation or litigation. A new parenting plan approved by the court can accommodate the change in circumstances.

Helping You Understand All Of Your Options As A Parent

A compromise may resolve the disputed move — or under certain circumstances, you may persuade a family law judge to name you the primary custodial parent. In that case, if the other parent decides to move without the child or children, he or she may petition for changes in parenting time during holidays or summer breaks. This is just one example of how your parental move-away case may be resolved.

Putting My Experience To Work For You

Through four-plus decades of legal practice, I have acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience relevant to your parental relocation case. Schedule a consultation to learn how I, attorney Jim Weatherly, can become your ally. Call 615-988-4939 or send an email inquiry to request a meeting with a lawyer in Tennessee.